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The company was started in 1994, as Amir Hamza (T) Ltd., at which time it sold green beans. For the last several years Amir Hamza (T) Ltd. has been producing instant coffee, as well as Kahawa Bora – Roast & Ground – for the local market, becoming a leading producer in the region.

In 2016 the brand name AMIMZA was registered.

We buy Robusta and Arabica coffee from Tanzania farmers, and produce spray-dried instant coffee of various blends – both for bulk export and selling locally and regionally. We also do Private Label packing to our customers specifications.

In addition, Amimza also exports directly and indirectly, high quality Robusta and natural Arabica green beans that grow in lake zone farms in the Kagera, Mara (Tarime) and Kigoma regions.

In 2015 a new instant coffee factory was completed which has as production capacity of 5,000 Tons per year.  It is the largest instant coffee factory in East and Central Africa.

Company Mission

To use the latest technologies and processes to provide quantitative and qualitative sustainable coffee supply for our customers, while at the same time improving the lives of coffee farmers themselves, and the economic prosperity of the nation as a whole.